Chioma Goodhair Reveals How Rich Nigerian Reality Stars Are In A New Interview


Chioma Goodhair has revealed on Channels Television how celebs especially women who passed through reality TV shows are making money. Here’s what Chioma said.

During her appearance on Channels TV’ Business Morning, Chioma Goodhair was asked “Chioma, how much money are you making from Real Housewives of Lagos?” She answered:

We’re making a lot of money naturally just by being a cast of a show that is so big. We get paid well. But also, you get endorsements. So after the show starts to air, companies are looking in.

They’re interested in you with your new found fame and popularity. Companies come and want to use you to advertise so you do make money if you’re smart. Definitely.

Then speaking on how crew and other people in the reality TV business make their money, Chioma said:

For each cast member, we need to have our own crew following us around filming. Sometimes we film simultaneously so at each point in time, there’s at least a 100 people working and that’s from the crew. Obviously cast members, we’re not that many but of course we get paid well so that’s money being made.

Now for every time we’re not filming in our homes or businesses, we are filming at a restaurant or on the beach or some event venue, those companies obviously have to be paid in order for us to use their location so they’re making money.

Also when it comes to marketing, I don’t know if you’ve seen the kind of marketing that has gone into the Real Housewives of Lagos, but I don’t think there’s any billboard that you’ll see in Lagos that our faces are not plastered all over. So obviously marketing, advertising, every single person in that field will basically get paid as well.

So in terms of job creation, I think it’s doing an amazing job for the economy. There’s a lot of interest now from banks, from government institutions. Everybody wants to invest in entertainment.

They’re ready to give out grants and loans. Companies are willing to pump funds into entertainment. I think there was such a huge turn during COVID cuz obviously people were stuck at home, some people couldn’t even work so what did people turn to? Entertainment. And ever since then, it’s just skyrocketed.


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