Mercy Aigbe Shares What She Will Do To Girls Saying Her Husband Is Entering Their Eyes – Video


Actress Mercy Aigbe has shared what she will do to those girls who will be saying her husband Alhaji is entering their eyes unless they bribe her if not she will shoot them.

Mercy Aigbe was rumored to have left her husband Alhaji’s house upon the arrival of his first wife but has debunked such rumors saying she’s still in her husband’s house and now has shared a video of what she will do to those girls wishing to be sidekicks.

Joining a Tik Tok trend, Mercy Aigbe shared a video saying when she finally catches those girls saying her husband Alhaji is entering their eyes, she’s going to shoot/beat them unless she’s bribed or they will collect from her.

Mercy Aigbe might just be having fun but also sending a message across as this makes us understand that she won’t take it lightly with any girl she catches as her husband’s lover or any lady that will be all over her husband.

Could this be her way of protecting her marriage or she just wants to give us something to talk about since most people are so much interested in what happens with her marriage to Alhaji now that the first wife is back?


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