I Want Rich Enemies – Tonto Dikeh Says As She Narrates How Stingy Her Enemies Were In Her Dreams


Actress Tonto Dikeh narrating how stingy her enemies were in her dreams has said that she needs rich enemies who will serve her better in her dreams as the ones she has now are stingy.

Tonto Dikeh posted saying she doesn’t understand these kinds of enemies she has because they want to fight her in her dream and they invited her to their house only for them to give her half meat and the other gave her fish eyes.

She then added that she doesn’t want to fight them again as she wants to change enemies because the ones she has now are so stingy even in her dreams and now she wants rich enemies that will be giving her turkey and chicken to eat.

Tonto Dikeh then made fun of the whole situation saying the kingdom of darkness is in SAPA and she is not for suffering hence she needs rich enemies who won’t be stingy even in her dreams taking it as if it’s nothing.

Most Africans have this perception about eating in your dreams but Tonto Dikeh seems not bothered about any of that rather she’s making fun of the whole dream claiming she needs rich enemies who will be feeding her turkey in her dreams.


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