Dog Refuses To Abandon Its Owner Who Lost Her Mind, As It Visits & Plays With Her Everyday


A devoted dog has been the talk of the internet when it stayed with its owner regardless of the fact that she had lost her mind.

The fascinating story was relayed on Twitter by a man identified as @Nigeriangod, who revealed that the mentally ill woman had been deserted by family and friends, yet the dog continued to visit her every night.

A video of the dog and the woman spending a sweet time together has been added to the tweet and it’s even more touching.

Sharing the photos, @Nigeriangod_ wrote: “There’s this mentally unstable woman opposite the area where I stay, I noticed that every night a dog used to come to play with her & the way they both interact is always a beauty to watch.

“I was told she owned the dog before she had her mental issues and it comes visiting her every night when it’s been released to go and play, funny enough the dog walks from close to a kilometer to come play with her then go back home.

See ….. as shared on Twitter,

Elsewhere, it was a bad day for a young thief who tried to exploit his dubious and devilish machinations in a supermarket in broad daylight.

The unidentified man and his accomplice had entered the supermarket under the guise of coming to buy some items.

The thief had taken a fresh wine from the shelves and tried to sneak out of the shop with the bottle in his shorts but his strategy failed abysmally.

He was unlucky as the bottle he hid inside his shorts slid down and broke instantly creating a very disturbing sound in the area.

His predicament worsened as the spilled drink made the floor slippery and that sent him tumbling to the floor. The entire incident was captured by a CCTV camera.


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