You Never Sabi Work – White lady Tells Yahoo Boy Who Asked Her For $200


A white lady has shocked netizens after she rudely interrupted the ‘scamming session’ of a Nigerian boy who wanted to rip her off by telling him in Pidgin English he’s deficient in the scamming business.

The woman who apparently is well versed in the modus operandi of fraudsters, especially those originating from Nigeria who are natively known as yahoo boys after he asked her for $200.

As sighted in the video rotating freely on TikTok, a pop screen containing the words of the fraudster read; “My laptop was blocked. I need a $200 google play card from you to open it.”

The potential victim whose ID on TikTok read @mama_esosa on TikTok then responded in Pidgin English and pointed out that he is obviously an amateur.

She further noted that $200 (N83k) is a little amount of money to get through fraud. She told the person to go and up to his game if he will stand a chance of getting a client.


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