Wizkid Has Lost Respect For Banky W – Netizen Says Over His Reply To His Disappointment


Based on the reply of Wizkid to Banky W’s disappointment about he not attending his wedding, a netizen has concluded that he (Wizkid) has lost respect for his former boss (Banky W).

Banky W in his interview with Ebuka his friend said he was disappointed Wizkid couldn’t make it to his wedding even though he called to wish them all the best and Wizkid reacting to that used LOL though there was nothing funny about what Banky W said.

Some people think his reacting has means there’s more to what was said while others believe it’s because of Ebuka’s facial expression at the end of the video but this particular netizen thinks it’s because Wizkid has lost respect for Banky W.

According to this netizen, Banky W is painting himself as the good guy as part of his campaign for the next election to win more supporters and Wizkid’s comment just means he has lost respect for him even though he didn’t explain further.

Addressing those who will be saying Banky W helped Wizkid and without him (Banky W) he (Wizkid) won’t be this big, the netizen said the fact of life is that it’s someone that is always going to bring you into the limelight as no one ever blew up on their own hence Banky W shouldn’t use that as a yardstick.

Screenshot below;


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