Lady In Oxlade’s Bedroom Video Cries Out For Justice, Threatens To Leak More Tapes Of Oxlade (Chats/Audio)


The pretty woman in singer Oxlade’s bedroom clip, which trended on the internet months ago, has reemerged on social media to demand justice.

Gistlovers, was contacted by the woman and she indicated that she had no idea Oxlade was taping their wonderful moment

She claims she was dating Oxlade at the time, so it wasn’t a matter of paid [email protected] services, according to her.

She has been critical of Oxlade’s treatment of her after the issue broke, claiming that he leaked the videos on purpose to advance his career.

The embittered lady also stated that if sharing more sexual content of the artist is the only way to get back at him, she is determined to do it, since her life has been a nightmare since the tapes went viral.

Gistlovers while sharing the convo wrote:

“Hello tueh tueh, Oxlade you nor do am well oooo, Mr Tatatata,babe say your own gbola full him phone and una Dey date say you intentionally leak that video to blow, as I Dey like this my phone don full for your prick, shey them use spit do your papa??😂😂 everytime spit spit, anyways Na Telegram go settle this matter, make Mark no go collect page , Justice for this girl ooo, THEM CARRY YOU GO COURT YOU NOR APPEAR, Na ment??? I come in peace ooo, Telegram yaaaaaa🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️
#justiceforoxladegirlfriend #stoprecordingyourselfduringsex”


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