This Life, Just Have Money – Toke Makinwa Says As She Shares The Unimaginable Things Money Can Do (Video)


Media personality Toke Makinwa has advised that we should just work and get money in this life as she shares the unimaginable things money can do for you.

Toke Makinwa in a video shared that no one wants to be poor hence all you need to do in this life is to just work hard and make money and everything will be simple for you just as we all can attest to that.

According to her, if you have money, everything about you changes as even whatever you say that isn’t a joke turns into a joke for the other party benefiting from you and sometimes they overlook your bad behavior.

We all know what money can do and no one wants to be poor hence it’s up to you to work hard to earn enough money because as Toke Makinwa pointed out, it makes others overlook your bad attitude even though they know you dine and wine with the devil.

Tackling men who cry out because their girlfriends left them for being poor, Toke Makinwa reminded them that no one wants to be poor and even they themselves would not love themselves with the situation they’re in so the best solution is to make money.


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