Tiwa Savage And Oxlade Should Be Blamed For Chrisland S3kztape – Samuel Jemitalo Says As He Shares His Views


Actor Samuel Jemitalo sharing his view on the Chrisland s3kztape said Tiwa Savage and Oxlade should be blamed because theirs were all over the net and these kids had access to it.

Everyone is sharing their views on this Chrisland issue as most believe it wasn’t [email protected] but rather child pornography as it seems the video circulating is one which looks like the young girl actually gave herself willingly for whatever went on.

Actor Samuel Jemitalo sharing his views on this said Tiwa Savage and Oxlade should be blamed for this because these children use smartphones and have access to Instagram where they watch everything their favorite does.

To him, whatever these kids did, Tiwa Savage and Oxlade’s s3kztape leaking on the internet have a part to play in it as they might feel it was okay seeing their favorites do all those things on the net especially when they are not monitored.

Some people disagree with Samuel Jemitalo on this as they think this is a result of failed parenting since the parents of the kids involved weren’t able to do their duty and educated them on these things.

screenshot below;



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