“Portable Has Grace, No Beef Am” – Fans React As Portable Takes To His Heels To Avoid ‘Ripping’ After E-Money Gifted Him A Bundle Of Cash.


A video circulating online shows prominent businessman E-money handing over a large sum of money to problematic Nigerian artist, Portable.

The famed entrepreneur and philanthropist were in attendance at an event where Portable, the budding star performed over the weekend.

In the said video, Portable was observed receiving a bundle of cash from E-money, the currency of which is still yet to be determined, and hiding the money in his underwear as he hurried away with it, apparently to avoid those who might try to ‘rob’ him.

Netizens have reacted to the video with hilarity, with others claiming that there is grace on Portable hence he does not deserve punishment.

See reactions and video below;

Meanwhile, a video depicting a Nigerian woman crying after receiving a personalized present from her partner has elicited different viewpoints online.

The unidentified lady in the video lets her feelings get in the way of her when she receives a pillow customized and personalized with her name.

She sobbed uncontrollably after expressing her astonishment at the personalized present.

Reacting variedly to the video, some netizens averred that showing love should not always be gargantuan but according to your financial strength.

Others also alluded to the fact that he who is appreciative of the little deserves the huge.


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