The Girl Was Definitely Not R@ped – Oluwanishola Shares What She Learnt From Her Son As She Reacts To The Chrisland School Saga


Wizkid’s baby mama Oluwanishola has shared what she learned from her son Boluwatife about the Chrisland [email protected] saga saying the girl wasn’t [email protected] as Ubi Franklin is painting the picture.

Ubi Franklin in an earlier post today called out Chrisland school for suspending a 10yr old girl who was [email protected] by her colleagues after carrying some tests on her without the knowledge of her parents but those who have watched the video say otherwise.

Oluwanishola who was at the school games with her son has also aired what she saw and heard from her son and based on that has concluded that the 10yr old girl in question was never [email protected] as it’s been circulated as she willingly did whatever she did.

According to her, her son told her about the video they were watching and the girl was accepting with her full chest that she was the one in the video without any remorse as she even dared the guys to do some things that she herself might not be able to do.

Oluwanishola then added that we can blame the teachers on one part for being a little negligent because they didn’t go round to check on the kids after the last roll call but it all boils down to parenting which the girl’s parent failed at because you can clearly see she’s not new to all that.

screenshot below;


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