Parents Should Do This To Avoid Chrisland School Issue


The Chrisland School incident has triggered the concerns of parents as to how to safeguard their wards and control the content they consume.

As the world is gradually evolving into a technological one, everyone seems to be learning from the internet and as open as the internet is, children are particularly not safe in every way.

This can be linked to the 10-year-old female student of Chrisland school who was captured in a viral video riding her colleagues after they went for a trip to Dubai. Many netizens believe the schoolchildren are likely exposed to adult content already because of the use of mobile phones which are not restricted in any way.

Reacting to that, a Twitter user recognized as Askira Galladima believes parents can do something about the content their children consume, and place restrictions on their usage of their mobile devices.

In a series of screenshots, Askira advised that parents control their wards’ phones with an app called Google Family Link which allows parents to control parameters of their childrens’ phones. The app has the ability to restrict content, approve or disapprove apps, set screen times and more.

The screenshots below will give you a detail step on how to install and set up Google Family Link app;


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