My Ideal Man Should Be Good In Bed, Smart, Rich But Shouldn’t Be Threatened By My Achievement – Faith Morey


US-based Nigerian supermodel Faith Morey, has listed the qualities of her ideal man and one particular thing that doesn’t have to scare him.

In her submission via an interview with The Guardian, Faith revealed that her ideal man must be a man who is good in bed, rich, honest, and smart.

She added that her perfect man should be a manly man who is emotionally matured, someone who will satisfy her with the respect she desired, however, he should not be afraid of her achievements.

The Rivers-born upcoming actress stated this in an interview with TheGuardian. 

“My ideal man must be able to love not just me but my little man. He must be smart, make me laugh, honest, actively support my career, emotionally mature, willing to put in work, be good in bed, rich, old enough, respect me and listen to me. He must celebrate my achievement and do not feel threatened. And he must be a manly man.” she said.

In other news, Model Morey Faith replied savagely to a troll who said her Rolls Royce is a borrowed one and not hers as she claimed, asking her to go and come back when she’s up to her level.

Morey Faith shared photos of herself posing with her new Rolls Royce saying soft life is not only for men but women as well and this troll reacting to that said it’s a borrowed pose asking her to rest from that.

Faith Morey didn’t take that in a good faith at all hence replying to that said she did not spend $450,000 on the car that no one in her generation can afford for her to call it a borrow pose asking her to come back and talk about it when she levels up.

According to her, she always ignores such negative comments but working hard to raise $450,000 isn’t easy for someone to credit your hard work to someone else by saying it’s a borrowed pose hence the troll should use her real account to talk to her next time.

This comment seems to have hit Morey Faith so much that she didn’t want to ignore it as she felt her hard work is been credited to someone when she was the one who raised the $450,000 to buy the Rolls Royce and she’s saying it’s a borrowed pose.

screenshot below;


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