Van Vicker Cries Out As Nigerians Threaten His Life – Vows To Deal With Him If They Lose The Match


Actor Van Vicker has cried out as Nigerians threaten his life vowing to deal with him in their country is the Black Stars beat their Super Eagles in the match ahead of them this evening.

Van Vicker, unfortunately, finds himself on a set in Nigeria the same day the Super Eagles of Nigeria stands against the Black Stars of Ghana on the pitch and his life seems to be in danger as he has been threatened by some Nigerians.

According to those who were there with him, it’s better if their senior team beats the Black Stars or there will be no food for Van Vicker for 2 days and they won’t pay for any hotel fees for him and going back will be by bus because he won’t get a flight back.

Van Vicker has cried out for his life pleading with his fellow actors who are in Nigeria to come to his aid because the set on which he right now appears to be a threat to his life and it’s all going to depend on the results of the match.

Ghanaians are praying eagerly for the Black Stars to win this match and Nigerians are also praying that their Super Eagles win this match, and it’s going to be a very scary moment for most people as some seem to have bet their lives on it.


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