Kiddwaya Speaks On Stones Used To Support Buhari’s Stage On Arriving At Lagos To Commission Some Projects


Kiddwaya has reacted to the usage of stones to withstand a podium on which Buhari stood after arriving in Lagos to commission various projects.

In a tweet, Kiddwaya questioned why stones would be required to hold the stage on which the President of Africa’s “largest economy” is standing.

He sent out a tweet;

How can the biggest economy in Africa be using stones to hold the stage the president of Nigeria is standing on? As in we no get standard or what?

See how netizens reacted to his submission. Ghgossip culled some of the reactions below;

Jams Zeus wrote; We always look for that iota fault to criticize Nigeria, why can’t you commend what the president went to Lagos to do. They say if you leave in a glass house you don’t throw stones.

Obisojoseph wrote: Biggest African economy dey borrow loan to pay workers….Abeg let’s start washing off from our mind that we are the largest economy

Peter Lanlehin wrote; It’s good you paid attention to details but looking at it critically, that stage is a foldable stage. I believe the have checked all this details but to make it firm for the president to stand on, they have to use a support for it. As long as it didn’t crash, we are good.


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