Highness Nah Your mate: ”Where the prick dey na” – Young Boy Becomes Erratic After Getting High [VIDEO]


A video which captured moment a young boy became erratic after getting high has gone viral online.

The boy at some point tried destroying his phone but was held back by his mother and those at the scene.

While his sad mother called his father on the phone and told him that their son is disgracing her, the boy started talking about “sucking breast” and his “prick”.

Meanwhile A young Nigerian lady’s version of the #DropItChallenge has generated mixed reactions on social media

Of all places, the lady chose to do hers against an empty tank and was played by her friends; perhaps they were all in on it

This is the tank fell on the lady at the point she was about to stoop low, but she stood up like nothing happened and completed the challenge


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