Reno Omokri Shares How To Know What Feminists Really Think About Feminism


Former presidential aid Reno Omokri has shared how to know what feminists really think about feminism asking men to send ladies who claim to be feminists to a restaurant and watch them.

Most ladies claim feminism that they usually ignore some things or do some things because they are feminists but Reno Omokri has widened our thoughts about what they themselves sometimes think about feminism.

According to him, if as a man you want to know what many feminists really think about feminism, just go out with them to an uber-expensive restaurant with them and let them eat well then wait for the bill and watch them ignore it.

Most women who claim to be feminists usually talk about being independent and doing things on there but if you take them to a restaurant and they ignore the bill, it shows feminism has been dragged into the mud.

To Reno Omokri, most women who claim to be feminists actually ignore it when it comes to reality as they are only feminists on paper and just talk about it but when it comes to reality, they let the men take responsibilities.

screenshot below;


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