Uche Ogbodo Disagrees With Gideon Okeke’s Claims That Female Actresses Are Paid Better Than Male Actors


Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo has disagreed with her fellow colleague Gideon Okeke over his claim that female actresses are treated better than male actors.

Earlier today, actor Gideon Okeke took to his page and stated that Nigerian movie makers and producers treat actresses better than male actors in terms of payment.

According to Gideon, most of the male actors who show off on social media are showing a fake lifestyle because they are paid like peacocks. He emphasized that the actors in the movie industry should come together and use that same energy they use to call out rapists to demand what is due to them.

Emphasizing more, Gideon said fair coloured actresses are paid well followed by the dark actress. ‘Dear Nollywood actor, Father of 1,2,3…. or even single guys sef. You see that actress? The yellow ones? Even the black ones, She is not your mate in the scheme of things. You are a second-class citizen at the table of Equity.

However, actress Uche Ogbodo has rubbished the claims of Gideon Okeke saying that they are lies. Uche commented, “lies”.


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