Reality TV Star, Chris Adah, Asks Nigerians A Pertinent Question


Nigerian reality TV star, Chris Adah has taken to the streets of Instagram to ask Nigerians a pertinent question that pertains to marriage and infidelity.

Chris Adah quizzed that if marriage vows included ‘May I Die The Day I Cheat’ would they still go ahead to marry considering how prone they are to cheating on their partners.

Chris Adah’s question has generated mixed reactions on social media.

One user identified as @penjostudios wrote; ‘If swearing was real, then we wouldn’t have politicians, doctors, lawyers, men of God, traditional wedding rulers all doing the opposite of everything they swore in for. So, it does not make any difference, it will be a yes becos they will not die 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂’

See more reactions below;

oluwatofarati; ‘In this Nigeria that it’s normal for men to cheat in?😂😂😂 they would still say it’s only women it affects’

timwestt; ‘There are good marriages, marriages where couples are faithful. However, whatever your answer might be, remember to hire a good MC like me. 🌚🌝’

bettyruth0007; ‘I will still marry,because I know when I love,I don’t compromise for anything’


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