Maureen Esisi Curses A Troll Who Called Her Evil And Is Just Seeking The Attention Of Blossom


Maureen Esisi has placed a generational curse on a troll who said she’s evil and is just seeking the attention of her ex-husband Blossom with her attitude and revealing of her body.

The troll commenting on a post of Maureen Esisi said all she’s doing is to get the attention of her ex-husband Blossom who is now happily married to another woman and her name Redvigor is evil because Red is for evil.

Maureen Esisi replying to that placed a generational curse on the troll saying she will be for evil and everything about her will be a failure and she will never make it on earth and her children will curse her.

She then went hard saying she will die untimely and her lineage will end abruptly and everything she experienced in her marriage with Blossom will be her portion until she sincerely apologizes to her if not this will be her story.

It’s sad that just a comment has attracted such generational curses on this troll but Maureen Esisi obviously did it to serve as a warning that no one should mistake her silence for weakness as she can be more than she appears.


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