IWD: We Pretend We Love Each Other’ – Actress Didi Ekanem Addresses Her Gender


Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem has addressed her gender as they mark International Women’s Day in post on social media.

Taking via her Instagram page, Didi Ekanem bemoaned how women pretend to love themselves yet they steadily tear each other down day by day.

According to her, some women can never see you grow and be happy without trying to take that happiness away and she remarked urging her fellow women to do better for the gender.

Her call elicited mixed responses from social media users especially ladies with some concurring in her thoughts.

abbyaigbe; ‘Okay we’ve heard, y’all don’t get tired of saying things like this? Like yes we know some people are tearing others down, but that doesn’t invalidate the purpose of IWD. Always putting our energy in the wrong places.

Read more reactions from IG users below;


Some husband snatchers too are celebrating IWD after their actions cussed pains to other ladies.


Especially those ones that are comfortable destroying other women’s home. Can’t y’all turn their husbands down?


Speak for yourself abeg, which on is we all gonna come here… ? Advice without generalising. Thank you ma’am.


I’m tired of seeing this write up everywhere abeg. Everybody is trying to form saint, who come dey tear woman down? . You sef change because it’s mostly people who say things like this that does it the most. Go and sit down . Mtcheeeew.


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