Is Yemi Alade In Love? – Talks About How Sweet Love Is


Songstress Yemi Alade seems to be in love as she talks about how sweet love is after she was questioned about the essence of her riches since she isn’t married nor has any child.

Yemi Alade went savage on curious fans who wanted to know whether she has a man in her life by saying her riches are going to be useless since she isn’t married nor has a child to spend all the money she’s working hard for.

A few days after that, Yemi Alade has tweeted that love is sweet and that raises the issue of whether she has fallen in love with any man or she’s just talking generally about how sweet it is to love one another.

The contest in which Yemi Alade made her tweet it easy for someone to conclude that she has fallen in love with a man especially when we know she’s not in any romantic relationship with anyone at the moment.

Some tweeps reacting to her post asked how she was able to find the sweetness in love since they aren’t able to find any sweetness in their love and that is going to depend on the 2 people that are in love.


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