Harrysong Cries Out As A Runs Girl He Met 6yrs Ago Is Still Extorting Money From Him


Singer Harrysong has cried out as a runs girl he met 6yrs ago is still extorting money from him asking we ignore her in case she puts up an unpaid s3kz scandal about him on the gram.

Harrysong has been one of the drama-free artists we know but guess this runs girl he met 6yrs ago is going to ruin that record for him the moment she calls him out even though he has come out first to debunk anything she will say later.

According to him, any runs girl that put up an unpaid s3kz scandal about him any time soon is a liar and we shouldn’t believe her because he has paid and paid and paid just to calm her down but she’s still threatening him.

He then added that this happened 6yrs ago and unknowingly to him, the lady had recorded him while things were going down and she’s been extorting money from him since then but now that he has gathered the courage to let it out, it’s the first step in solving it.

The lady could be arrested for recording him without his knowledge and also for blackmail since he has already paid the agreed amount 6yrs ago and if he wants justice to be served, he should report the case to the police, something he should have done a long time.

screenshot below;


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