There’s No Longer Room In My Mind For People Who Are Not Worthy Of My Heart – Tonto Dikeh Says


Actress Tonto Dikeh has disclosed that she no longer has a room in her mind for people who are not worthy of her heart which means the moment you’re out of her heart, she forgets you.

Tonto Dikeh of late has been making some cryptic posts and today is telling those who know they’re no longer in her heart or people she finds not worthy of her heart that she has no place for them in her mind as well.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Tonto Dikeh has had her own share and now wants to take those who are not worthy of her heart from her mind as they have no business occupying space in her mind when they’re not worthy of her heart.

Taking someone out of your mind literally means cutting ties with the person and forgetting them hence Tonto Dikeh saying she no longer has a room in her mind for those not worthy of her heart means she’s cutting them off from her mind.

Unfortunately, she didn’t give any clue as to who she’s trying to talk to and it’s up to all those who have had a chance to win her heart to check and see if they’re still worthy of her heart or not and know what to do next since she has taken a decision.


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