Some Women Have No Business Wishing Others Happy IWD – Stephanie Coker Shakes Tables


Actress cum media personality Stephanie Coker has said that some women have no business wishing others a happy International Women’s Day asking them to stop the bias against each other.

Stephanie Coker believes that women who are biased against their fellow women have no business wishing or celebrating International Women’s Day as she asks them to stop the bias against each other or their fellow women.

According to her, the fact that a woman looks good doesn’t mean she has a low IQ and the fact that a woman has her own thriving business doesn’t make her a runs girl as most people have been claiming neither does being unmarried mean she can’t hang out with married folks.

Stephanie Coker then added that a woman being older doesn’t mean her time has passed or she being young doesn’t make her unknowledgeable and if she’s a busy working mother doesn’t mean she isn’t a caring mother or whether she’s divorced doesn’t mean she’s damaged.

Therefore, breaking the bias has to start with us women who bias against each other before it can be read out of the circle to men who are biased against women since that’s the theme of this year’s international women’s day.


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