Davido And Chioma Spotted At A Club In London Enjoying Themselves 


A video of Davido and his baby mama Chioma in a club in London has hit the net and fans are just loving how they are slowly coming back together as the lovers they used to be.

Chioma and Davido seem to have settled whatever misunderstanding they had and she was even there to support him at the O2 Arena along with his other 2 baby mamas but guess Chioma has always been special to him.

Sophia and Amadan were all there to support him but guess they aren’t special like Chioma as he went out to chill and cool off with him after the show was a success and this is what most of their lovers want to see always.

The love between Davido and Chioma can’t be classified in any way but one thing we know is that he makes sure to extend that love to all his kids no matter how he relates with their mothers and that is something most people love about him.

It’s a happy moment for Davido and Chioma shippers to see them enjoying each other’s company at a club in London as they used to do before the birth of their son Ifeanyi and this shows they are back together as lovers.


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