BBN’s Khloe Shares How She Nearly Suffered The Fate Of Bamise A Week Ago


BBNaija star Khloe has shared how she almost/nearly suffered the fate of Bamise a week ago as she reacts to the sad demise of the young girl who was allegedly killed by a BRT bus driver.

The 22yrs old Bamise was found dead in a BRT bus she boarded the night she went missing after making a video to her sister when she noticed a foul play and unfortunately, she couldn’t come home alive as they were expecting.

BBNaia star Khloe reacting to that shared her scary experience of how the taxi driver of the taxi she took to the airport a week ago almost killed her, thank God she’s alive but unfortunately for Bamise, she couldn’t make it alive.

According to Khloe, this driver was acting funny after she noticed that something was off hence she sent a message to her sister asking her to keep an eye on the ride and follow the map and when the trip ended, the driver just pushed her and her box out since he couldn’t succeed.

Khloe then asked how can the whole of Nigeria not have surveillance cameras that will put these murderers pretending to be drivers in their places as it seems the absence of CCTV cameras in buses and on roads has given them the chance to take lives.


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