Stop Asking God For Foolish Things – Monalisa Coker


Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda-Coker has shared a piece of advice on her Instagram page to her fans over the trivial and material things they ask God for.

In a post sighted on her page, the actress advised people to ask God for important things like asking for a clear purpose of their life and how they would achieve their purpose on earth; and stop asking God for foolish things when praying.

She added that after asking God to reveal the purpose for which was created unto this earth, she added that people should try and be consistent with what they do, be passionate about their work, be compassionate to people, show kindness and above all be authentic and be their self.

In her words, she wrote, “Stop Asking God How and When to bless you..
Stop asking for foolish things….
Ask him for a clear purpose of your life here on earth.. Be intentional.. ❤️
Be consistent.. be passionate.. be compassionate.. be kind! Be your authentic self.. be you.. do you🥰”.


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