Sometimes It Feels Like I’m Not Good Enough To Be Here – DJ Cuppy Cries Out Over Her Studies


Billionaire heiress DJ Cuppy has cried out over her studies at Oxford University saying sometimes it feels like she’s not good to be there studying even though this is her 3rd degree.

DJ Cuppy is pursuing her 3rd degree at Oxford University and even though that is the dream school she wanted, it has its own disadvantage and she has taken to social media to cry out about how she feels this semester.

She posted saying she’s counting down the days she has left at Oxford University as she appears to be struggling and this Hilary Term has been tough for her that she sometimes feels like she’s not good enough to be there.

Just as life is, there are always ups and downs and DJ Cuppy seems to be experiencing the down moments at Oxford now which has made when to think whether she’s not good enough to be there confirming that she’s struggling this term.

DJ Cuppy didn’t mention what she’s struggling with but it’s obviously her studies with the way she put her sentence and that seems to be normal when it comes to studies since you won’t get it all smooth as you want.


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