Mercy Eke Looking Pregnant After Warning We Mind Our Business If We See Her Pregnant


A video of BBNaija star Mercy Eke looking pregnant in a wedding attire after she warned that we should mind our business if we see her pregnant has got netizens talking wondering if she’s married and pregnant.

Mercy Eke made a post saying if we see her pregnant we should mind our business and a video of her looking pregnant in wedding attire has hit the net confusing us as to whether she’s getting married and pregnant at the same time.

The protruding belly of Mercy Eke looks like that of a pregnant woman and some people have concluded she’s pregnant, especially after giving a hint asking we mind our business when we see her pregnant.

As for the wedding attire she was wearing, some people believe it was a music video shoot since she’s a video vixen but others think she’s tying the knot because she’s pregnant can’t be certain if that’s the case.

Pregnancy can never to hidden forever hence if it turns out that Mercy Eke is pregnant, we will surely know because she can never hide that forever as someone might break the news after some time.


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