“I Found The Good In Marriage And I’m Grateful” – Anita Joseph Gushes Over Her Man


Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, continues to testify of how great her marriage to her darling husband, Mc Fish, has been so far.

Taking to her Instagram page, Anita Joseph shared a stunning photo of her and MC Fish posed in their living room and emphasized the joy her marriage brought to her life.

She expressed her heartful gratitude to God for her husband as she referred to him as the good.

“What did they say about marriage “….
To me Marriege is like a wrapped gift or package “
You don’t have an Idea of what is inside “
Till you open it and boooooo m booooom booooom🙄
Either you find the good “
Bad or Ugly “
I found the good and I’m grateful 🙌
So I pray for all the singles here to find the good Amen ✅✅✅
Forever to go 💚💙 big Fish 🐠 ejanla,” she wrote.

See screenshot below;

The two bumped into each other at an undisclosed location and Arole could not believe his eyes as he burst out screaming in joy after seeing him. Arole hugged him, carried him, and shook his hands and Wizkid reciprocated fondly.

Nigerians have reacted to the video and Arole’s actions resonated with them as they alluded that they would do the same given the same circumstances. However, based on the video, they reckoned the fact that even a celebrity is a fan of another celebrity.

caprisun wrote; Celebrity sef na fan to another celebrity 😹🤛


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