Will It Give Me Money? – Tacha Asks A Fan Who Corrected Her Grammar


BBNaija star Tacha has savagely asked a concerned fan who corrected her grammar before the monitoring spirits starts mocking her whether good grammar will bring her any money.

Tacha made a post and made a mistake with the caption and a concerned fan who doesn’t want to see her dragged because of that quickly sent her a DM asking her to make the necessary correction in the caption and she replied savagely asking whether that will give her money.

Tacha then made fun of the concerned fan who corrected her on her grammar saying money doesn’t see caption as they are the ones who have time and energy to be checking that since she’s all about the money and not the grammar.

Its true money doesn’t see whether you are correct or wrong when writing but these simple mistakes of ‘am’ and ‘I’m’ needs to be learned as you don’t know where you are going to make that mistake for it to go against you and that is exactly what the lady corrected her on.

Her reply to that is a bit insensitive and she even went ahead to post it on her InstaStory claiming they are the ones that have time to be checking whether the caption is correct or not as money doesn’t see that, and she’s all about the money.

Screenshot below;


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