If She Was Nigerian, They Would Have Said Witches Will Attack The Baby – Toke Makinwa Reacts To Baby Bump Photos Of Rihanna


Media personality Toke Makinwa has reacted to the baby bump photos of Rihanna saying if she was a Nigerian, they would have said witches will attack the baby but since she’s not, they’re hailing her.

Rihanna has been showing off her protruding belly in most of her photos and some even without wearing anything to cover her belly showing her big tummy and she’s been hailed over how beautiful and s3xy she is with her baby bump.

Toke Makinwa reacting to how people are hailing Rihanna seeing nothing wrong with her flaunting her baby bump without covering her tummy said if she was a Nigerian the world people would have said witches will attack the baby.

But since she’s not a Nigerian, they see nothing wrong with that and are rather hailing her for looking beautiful and gorgeous with her baby bump showing everything as most of the things she wears don’t cover her tummy to hide the pregnancy.

This is an act of hypocrisy on the part of our people per what Toke Makinwa wrote but she seems to forget that Africans don’t joke with morality and also believe in these kinds of witches and bad omens hence trying to protect themselves from it.

screenshot below;


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