Russia & Ukraine Conflict: Late TB Joshua’s Prophecy Resurfaces Online (Watch)


A video purported to be a prophecy on future happenings between Ukraine and Russia by TB Joshua which seemed to have manifested in the present setup has been shared online.

The late controversial Nigerian cleric predicted the crisis a few years ago which was transmitted live via his religious television station Emmanuel TV.

“Great war is coming against them (Russia). I don’t know where the war is coming from. So pray for them because their leader will face greater opposition and the opposition will be so much that it may exclude sin. And that will turn the nation to another thing“.

In a related development, the Polish Football Association is not happy with FIFA’s posture in allowing Russia to compete in World Cup qualifying play-offs with their country despite the mayhem they are causing in Ukraine.

Therefore Poland has labeled the ruling by the world football governing body as ‘disgraceful; and “unacceptable,” insisting they will not play against the country.

Following the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia, FIFA issued a statement on Saturday ruling that Russia will play their World Cup qualifying games without their national anthem, flag, and in a neutral territory under a new name, ‘Football Union of Russia’.

Poland, scheduled to play against Russia on March 24 in Moscow, disagreed with FIFA’s decision. “Today’s FIFA decision is totally unacceptable,” the PFA’s spokesperson Cezary Kulesza said. “Due to the disgraceful decision of FIFA, the Polish FA sent a letter today to all football federations in Europe.”

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Mr. Kulesza said, ‘our stance remains intact: Polish National Team will not play with Russia, no matter what the name of the team is. He added, “We presented our position and encouraged them to stand by our side. Because only united we will be strong. No indulgence for Russian aggression against Ukraine.’


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