Omoni Oboli Replies A Lady Who Complained About Her Repeating Clothes And Shoes


Actress Omoni Oboli has savagely replied to a lady who complained about her repeating clothes and shoes as a celebrity saying it’s hers and can wear it anytime she wants.

Most celebrities don’t repeat the clothes and shoes they wear on social media and that has made things difficult for those who repeat theirs because they get criticized and mocked by some netizens who think they need to do more.

Omoni Oboli is one of the female celebrities who repeat clothes and shoes without being bothered and a lady who noticed that about her complained about it while reacting to a video of her wearing the same shoe she wore some time ago.

Omoni Oboli reacting to that make the lady understand that the last time she checked, they were her shoes and she can choose to wear them every day this year if she wants thanking her for noticing that about her.

Repeating clothes and shoes isn’t anything wrong but because of how some celebrities have been carrying themselves has made it a crime for the to be repeating clothes and shoes but that doesn’t apply to Omoni Oboli since she doesn’t care rocking the same shoe or clothe over and over again.

Screenshot below;


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