Security Man Who Earns 500 Cedis A Month Gets Angry At Wife Who Saved Her Money To Buy Him A 2 Bedroom House On His Birthday


An anonymous man is seeking advice on what to do after discovering that his wife saved money to buy him an apartment as a birthday gift.

The man who works as a security man revealed that he earns 500 to 700 cedis monthly and always gives his wife 50 Ghana cedis every month for her upkeep.

According to him, his wife is a nurse because he gives her a monthly allowance of 50 cedis, she usually does not use her own money, however, everything was going on smoothly until his wife presented him the documents of a house she bought in his name as well as hers.

In what can be described as ego, in this case, the man said in a letter to a counselor that he feels disrespected by his wife over her gesture.

In other news, celebrated Ghanaian journalist and television presenter, Nana Aba Anamoah has once again come across a fresh talent who she believes has a lot of potential when it comes to news anchoring or presenting.

Nana Aba Anamoah has for the past few years been doing the most when it comes to supporting the youth in getting jobs through their skills, training, and educational background.

We believe she is on the path to unearthing the next television star after chancing at a video of a young girl presenting news and she was overwhelmed by the impeccable reading skills of the young lady who identifies herself on Twitter as @Yaabitha.

Nana Aba took to her Twitter page to re-share a video of the lady who was reading the news and after being impressed with her articulation offered to mentor her for free and help her become a world-class newsreader.


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