Marrying An Older Woman Is Risky – Reno Omokri Give Marital Advice To Men Marrying Women Older Than Them


Reno Omokri has dished out some marital advice to men who marry women older than them telling them how risky that is because it’s not the ideal type of marriage.

In the past, men were marrying women younger than them but today that is no longer the case as some men are marrying women who are older than them and Reno Omokri reacting to that has laid the risk involved in that to men wishing to do that.

According to him, the ideal type of marriage is one in which the man is older than the woman and not the woman older than the man, and marrying an older woman is very risky since she can’t have her libido till 100yrs as men can do in most cases.

Reno Omokri then made it clear that God in his infinite wisdom created man first before creating woman and that shows that the perfect or ideal marriage is one in which the man is older than the woman and not vice versa because that is risky.

Giving an example as to why marrying an older woman is risky, Reno Omokri asked whether you the man marrying a woman older than you can handle or control yourself when her libido drops since women are not like men who can keep their libido even up to 100yrs.


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