Celebrities Have Now Become Criminals, Adding To The Suffering Of Nigerians – Felix Duke


According to Felix Duke, President of Creative Industry Group, celebrities are becoming criminals who are causing agony to Nigerians.

Duke claimed that Nigerian celebrities, whom many look up to, no longer have integrity, while expressing his displeasure for their actions.

HE said, “I am very sad about it; the attitude is criminal. Defrauding Nigerians is a criminal act and it is very unfortunate that they are using celebrities that people are looking up to defraud people.

“Celebrities that are supposed to have integrity; celebrities that are supposed to be a role model to people they have become a source of pain to Nigerians. Instead of becoming role models, they have become crim inals, aiding and abetting criminals and it is very sad.

Duke went on to say that a commercial was in the works to warn Nigerians not to believe companies that promised to multiply their money in a short period of time.

In other news, an American woman has released screenshots of her Direct Message (DM) with Nigerian singer Davido in an attempt to discredit him for sneaking into her dm without permission.

It’s uncertain whether Davido slipped into her DM to profess love or to conduct business, but their exchange was tense.

Following a miscalculation, Davido traded words with the lady, as recorded in screenshots surfaced online.

She issued a severe warning to the multi-award-winning artist, telling her that she should never speak with her again.

To repair his reputation, Davido claimed that he was too expensive for the lady and that she could not book him, prompting her to throw the hardest punch at him.

Embarrassingly, she claimed flatly that she has no idea who Davido is, implying that he is unable to communicate with her.


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