Bobrisky Is No Longer The Queen, I Am The New Queen – James Brown Declares


Crossdresser, James Obialor better known as James Brown has declared himself the new queen dethroning his former boss, Bobrisky in the crossdressing arena.

James Brown made this pronouncement during an Instagram live video conversation with media personality, Daddy Freeze.

According to James Brown, all he needed was to fly to London, however, there are a lot of things in stock for him this year but he is not going to brag about them.

This comes after Bobrisky said that the achievement he prides himself in is the fact that he paved the way for others to follow that has contributed to their success today.

My Ex-Auntie Bobrisky is no Longer the Queen again, I am the New Queen, I lead the whole thing now and Bobrisky Follows, Bobrisky has handed the Crown to me, all I did was come to London, I have just started, I don’t like to brag but this year I have a lot in stuck

” – James brown said.

Reacting to this, @junexena wrote; ‘Ok o __james brown ,he is still your elder __she was in the game before you __Give him the respect’

headboiya wrote; ‘Werey lolz who give dose Werey queen 👑 lolz 😂😂😂Eleriburuku double lolz 😂😂😂Queen kooo , Joker 🃏 niiii Osinwin Eniyan Double lolz 😂😂😂’

bibilola wrote; ‘I’m starting to like this guy tho😂😂😂he’s just too funny😂😂he doesn’t brag at all💯 cruise all d way😂😂😂Bob n Wahala 😂’

rosythrone; ‘James win the heart of Nigerians with his funny ways while Bob is just an influencer showing us his lifestyle. James is kinda winning though’


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