Bobrisky Replies A Troll Who Asked When He’s Going Back To School Again – Claims He’s Rich Already


Crossdresser Bobrisky has replied savagely to a curious follower who asked when he will be returning back to school claiming he’s already rich hence doesn’t need to go back to school.

Bobrisky started shading James Brown when he went to the UK and yesterday a video of him furthering his education hit the net and that got this curious follower of Bobrisky to ask him when he will be returning to the classroom like James Brown.

Bobrisky replied saying he completed university in the year 2016 and he is sure the follower was in primary school by then and he doesn’t need to go back to school for any reason because he’s already rich and that’s all that matters to him.

To Bobrisky, it seems money is all and now that he has some, he’s okay and doesn’t need to be troubling himself with going to school again as James Brown is doing to better himself and even make good use of his crossdressing and influence very well.

Going to school has nothing to do with being rich or not as learning never ends but to Bobrisky it seems to have ended for now as he doesn’t want to go back to the classroom since all he was suffering for back in school is what he has right now.

Screenshot below;


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