A Man Shouldn’t Brag About Sleeping With A Woman – Actor Imeh Bishop


Nollywood actor, Imeh Bishop Umoh has slammed men who come publicly to brag about being intimate with a woman.

In an Instagram post on his page, he stated that a man should not brag that he used a woman after sleeping with her. According to him, it is not right.

The veteran actor emphasized that if anyone should boast about sleeping with their partner, it should be women. Giving reasons, Imeh Bishop stated that a woman chooses whom she wants to sleep with, where they want it to happen and how they want it while men only sleep with women they can.

He has advised men to be respectful when they have intimacy with a woman. He said if men want to brag about their escapades with women, they should be ready to be called fools.

“As a man, don’t sleep with a woman and brag that you ‘used’ her o. You are fooling yourself. It’s a woman who should brag about using a man! Men only sleep with a woman they can, BUT women sleep with men they want…when they want, where they want, and how they want.”


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