Tchidi Chikere Subtly Shades Those Criticizing Him As He Shares Things Mentally Strong People Do


Filmmaker Chidi Chikere has subtly shaded those criticizing him for moving on so quickly after his wife left as he shares 6 things mentally strong people do in life.

Tchidi Chikere on valentine’s day informed us that he has moved on by celebrating his new girlfriend whose identity was hidden but a blogger revealed her to be Kenechukwu who she claimed they have been together for a long time now.

According to him, mentally strong person moves on as they don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves and they embrace change and welcome challenges in their lives as well as stay happy and don’t waste their energy on things they can’t control.

Adding that a mentally strong person is kind, fair, and unafraid to speak up and they are willing to take calculated risks in their lives not forgetting about the fact that they celebrate other people’s success with them and don’t resent that success.

All Tchidi Chikere is trying to put across with this post is that he is a mentally strong person who has moved on in his life and is ready to take calculated risks as he welcomes new challenges, hence falling in love again is the right thing instead of feeling sorry for himself.

screenshot below;


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