Nigeria Has Artisanal Skills Problem As Youths Are Venturing Into Making Quick Money – Frank Donga Says


Actor Frank Donga sharing his thoughts about the recent state of Nigeria has said that the country has an artisanal skills problem because the youths are venturing into making quick money.

Frank Donga in a tweet shared his thoughts about the state of the country saying low-key Nigeria has artisanal skills problems because of late the youths don’t want to enroll into learning skills such as carpentry and the rest but rather want quick money.

According to him, there are fewer and fewer people picking up carpentry, plumbing, metalworks, and the likes and the few good ones are old and tired but unfortunate, young folks would rather go into other things that will bring them quick money and the impact is increasing.

Frank Donga then added that many professionals are complaining of not getting apprentices and sometimes Nigeria has to get good hands from neighboring countries asking whether it is because these jobs are difficult or seen as dirty.

To Frank Donga, it is beginning to look like the Intro-Tech workshops, classes, and money spent on that project didn’t really do a lot because the youths are not interested in learning any of these but rather want something that will bring the quick money.

screenshot below;


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