Lala Akindoju Knocks A Follower Who Criticized Her For Allowing Her Son Watch Yoruba Cartoons


Actress Lala Akindoju has knocked down a follower who criticized her for allowing/making her son watch a Yoruba cartoon and not Delta since his father is from Delta.

The follower who seems not to understand why Lala Akindoju is trying to let her son learn about her culture Yoruba criticized her reminding her that her husband is a Deltan and that makes her son a Deltan hence he has no business learning anything Yoruba not to talk of watching a cartoon.

Lala Akindoju replying to down gave it hot to the follower asking whether she’s the mother or father of her son or whether her husband is complaining about their son learning Yoruba or if the Delta community wrote a letter to her telling her about their pain.

Adding that she who almost died while giving birth to her son is a non-entity that her culture should go into the dustbin or what, asking her to mind her business or disappear from her feed or even block her if she doesn’t like it.

The mentality of a child taking after his/her father’s ethnicity ignoring the mother’s own is very wrong and needs to stop because there’s nothing wrong in a child learning both parent’s language and culture as it helps him/herself someday.

screenshot below;


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