Davido Hails His Son Ifeanyi Of Being A Billionaire Because His Father Has Money


Singer Davido has hailed his heir Ifeanyi as a billionaire because his father has money and there’s no lie there since we all know Davido has money and that automatically makes Ifeanyi a billionaire.

Davido has labeled his son Ifeanyi as the heir to the 30BG business and everything he has and a recent video of him having fun with his son sees him hailing the young boy as a billionaire because his father has money which automatically makes him a billionaire.

Davido loves showing off and bragging about his wealth hence it’s not surprising that he’s indirectly telling us he’s a billionaire because his son Ifeanyi is going to inherit everything he has worked for someday so calling him a billionaire because of his father’s wealth means his father is a billionaire.

There are some billionaires who makes things difficult for their kids expecting them to make it on their own and not depend on the money they have made but guess Davido is not going to do that to his kids as he has started putting the idea of being a billionaire into his son’s head by hailing him saying his father has money.


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