Why Men Need To Be As Prayerful As Women To Find The Right Spouse — Pst. Adio


Nigerian preacher, Pastor Sola Adio has advised men to be prayerful as women in finding their right spouse for marriage.

In a tweet dated February 18, Pastor Sola Adio said men can no longer assume it’s a stroll in the park. According to him, women can shorten their lifespan by 40% by following ever other woman.

He suggested that just like some women pray to find loving and romantic husband, men should do the same.

dw__ wrote; ‘What’s the essence of prayers when you all don’t want to change your bad behaviors??? You still want to do aristo but you Dey pray, you still won Dey nack other girls outside marriage and you Dey go vigil… werey lo poju ninu everyone.

See more comments below;

aniscooser; ‘There’re over 6000 languages in the world and this Twitter user just decided to speak facts. Amazing tweet…’

kokohomes; ‘Non yoruba speakers: “Toju werey sapo” in the context means “Ment, kolo or get craze”. Enjoy your reading…’

ladijay; ‘Yes… Men & Women need to be prayerful to find the right spouse. I believe there are still good marriages!!!’

bshizzle70a; ‘Pray , pray , pray … yet society is producing more and more sh…itty men and women daily . WHY DON’T YOU ALL JUST WORK ON YOURSELF SO YOU WILL BE GREAT PARTNERS ? No God interferes in man’s life .’

ogunleispaul’ ‘PASTOR PLEASE TALK ABOUT HOW ELECTION OF NEXT YEAR WILL BE…… that’s what the nation needs right now.’


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