Marry Someone Who Can Love You Through Poverty — Flutterwave Co-Founder, Iyin Aboyeji To Men


The Co-founder of Flutterwave. Iyin Aboyeji has advised singles to marry someone who can love them through poverty.

Iyin Aboyeji in a tweet expressed gladness over the fact that he and his wife learned early from too much suffering and keeping their barn really low as it has helped them to live a life of adventure and take advantage of the opportunity without accumulating debt.

According to him, part of why he knew his wife was the one was he was very comfortable racking up thousands of dollars in debt to her while building Flutterwave.

Reacting to his advice, an Instagram user identified as @sireltee said; ‘What he is saying is that you should find someone who would love you despite your situation. If she’s with you now when you have money and life happens, would she stay?’

See more reactions below;

cynicky wrote; ‘Use discernment when choosing a mate not the ability to survive poverty. Doesn’t work for everyone.’

somebody1stson wrote; ‘Some people are coming with their victim stories to play victim over incontrovertible facts as usual. All the I was with him when yenyenyen and he left me. Nobody wants to hear that just go and try again or rest’

metayoverse; Yes it’s true but unfortunately we don’t live in a society that promotes or accomodates such ideas. Women want ready made men, not the one they have to “wait” for. They compare you to the guy in the G Wagon but they were not there when he was working for it, they want him now that he has it. If you’re lucky enough to find a woman that will ride with you through the rough then hold her well and when the money comes spoil her silly because they are very very rare.


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