“A Woman’s Loyalty Is Tested When Her Man Has Nothing”-Film Maker, Tchidi Chikere


Popular Nollywood actor, Tchidi Chikere has come out with instances in every relationship where both partners’ loyalty are being tested

According to him, a woman’s loyalty is only put to the test when her partner is lacking financially. This indicates that the woman is put to the test as to whether she can be with her man despite tough situations until things finally get better.

He went on to say that a man’s loyalty is also being made put to the test when he finally gets everything he wants in life. This also indicates that a man’s loyalty will be tested when he gets everything and whether he will still be with the same woman or change his mind.

Mostly, this happens to be one of the toughest decision in every relationship especially when one partner lacks something essential.

See his post below;

In other news, Ghanaian Highlife singer, Peter Fameyeh Bozah, well known as Famey has noticed that most people following him are just following for following sake and not to support his brand.

The singer took to his Twitter page to lament about the fact that he has taken notice that most people who claim to love him are just following him for following sake and not to support him in what he does.

The “Nothing I Get” crooner wrote in his native Twi language, indicating that some fake friends are not really supporting him but are just following him.

He wrote; Nipa no bi gyina y3kyi kwa Omo ntae y3kyi



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