P-Square’s Paul Okoye Sustains Injury After A Performance In Liberia


A video trending on social media suggests that Paul Okoye of P-Square sustained a injuring after a thrilling performance in Liberia.

The video making rounds on social media captures the moment the singer was seen lying on the floor helplessly as his brother and other team members surround him to get him medical attention.

In the video, the singer was being injected with some drugs to ease his pain as it seemed he was being taken to the hospital for treatment.

It is quite unclear as to what led to the injury or where on his body he sustained the injury but the singer could be seen crying in pain while he was receiving treatment.

In other news, legendary Ghanaian Highlife musician, KK Fosu has stated that his music brand can never be dead because he is a legend in the Ghana music industry.

According to the Highlife maestro, he is a the king of vocals and legends like him paved way for the young musicians claiming to be the bosses in the industry.

Speaking in an interview, KK Fosu exclaimed that some unscrupulous and stupid people are trying to kill the music industry by making some of the legends irrelevant but he is ever fit to battle any musician who claims to be a boss in the industry.


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