“Men Prefer Hungry Girls Because They Can Easily Manipulate Them Like Puppies” –Blessing Okoro


Controversial relationship coach, Blessing Okoro claims that most men prefer ladies who are broke and can’t fend for themselves than ladies who are independent because of their financial endowment.

Blessing Okoro asserted in a post on her Instagram page that men want to date hungry girls so that they can easily control them like puppies.

According to the social media influencer, living off the money of a man makes him feel wanted thus when you reject his money, he feels unwanted.

She wrote:

“If women decide not to eat many men’s money, what will you give them??? The only thing many men can give is money, that is why they are finding it so difficult now that women can now feed themselves. Eating a man’s money sometimes is helping him feel wanted. Reject his money and see him feel unwanted“.

“A lot of men prefer hungry girls because it’s easy to control and manipulate them like puppies…..That is why many will marry hungry women . And cheat with independent women 😀.”

Reacting to this, IG users identified as @ifeanyiopurum ; “No matter how powerful a woman can be, no matter how influential, well travelled and exposed a woman can be, she will always need a soothing and and caring hand of a man. She will always need a listening ear and the strength of a man in her life. Money isn’t everything. But it’s cool for a man to be simply rich. By the way, before a woman reject a man’s money it depends on the situation or purpose the money is been offered for. When things are done with respect, understanding, and good intent. I don’t see any reason for raising dust. Ihe ana eme bu ihe ure.’


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